6 Best Financing Options for Startups in Nigeria(2024 update)

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As an aspiring Nigerian business owner, you can’t wait to see your creative ideas turn into successful businesses. Getting enough money is one of your biggest problems on this journey. 

This article will discuss the best financing options for startups in Nigeria, helping you navigate the complicated world of funding choices. Knowing about these financing choices is essential whether you’re just starting or want to grow your business. 

Here are the six best financing options for startups in Nigeria. 

  • Bootstrapping
  • Angel Investors
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Crowdfunding
  • Government Grants and Programs
  • Microfinance Institutions

Let’s start by looking at how you can get money for your startup.

1. Bootstrapping

If you want to start a business in Nigeria, consider bootstrapping. Bootstrapping means paying for your business with funds, money from early customers, or any other source you can access.

You don’t need to get loans or investors from outside sources. This method gives you complete power over your business and lets you keep ownership without reducing your equity. You may have to give up some things and work on a tight budget when bootstrapping, but it also makes you more creative and clever.

If you bootstrap, you can test your business idea, make a minimum viable product, and start making money without taking on debt or giving up ownership. This self-sufficient method can benefit new businesses in Nigeria, where getting traditional funds may take a lot of work. Bootstrapping could be the way to go if you want to start your business without any outside money.


  • You’ll keep complete control of your business. 
  • Stay away from debt and interest payments.
  • Encourage people to be creative and inventive.


  • Not having enough money may limit growth possibilities.
  • There is a personal cash risk.
  • Slower growth compared to sources of outside funds.


  • Personal savings or other assets can be used in the business.
  • It is being able to make money from early sales.
  • Resourcefulness and a desire to spend as little as possible.

2. Angel investors

Angel investors are one of the best financing options for Nigerian startups. Angel investors are wealthy people who give money to new businesses in exchange for a share of the company. These investors provide you with money, advice, contacts in the business world, and their knowledge. Money from angel investors can significantly boost your company, letting you grow faster, expand your operations, and enter new markets. To get angel investors interested in your business, you must make a strong pitch showing how your company can grow and make money.

best financing options for startup
To meet angel investors in Nigeria, you can attend networking events, pitch competitions, or use the Internet. In the tough Nigerian market, getting angel investors to help you can take your startup to new heights and make it in the business world.


  • You can get cash without taking on debt.
  • Mentorship and industry connections.
  • Possibility of fast growth and being able to expand.


  • Loss of some ownership and power is a downside.
  • Pressure to meet investor expectations.
  • Only a few angel investors are available in some areas.


  • A business plan that can be scaled up and has a lot of room to grow.
  • A clear business opportunity and an edge over the competition.
  • Strong management team with relevant experience.

3. Investors in startups
People interested in starting businesses in Nigeria should know that venture capitalists can help them grow. Venture capitalists are skilled investors who invest a lot of money in fast-growing startups in exchange for a company share.

When you work with venture capitalists, they can give your business the money it needs to multiply and enter new markets. These investors do more than just give money; they also offer advice on strategy, knowledge about the business, and valuable connections.

Venture capitalists will only give you money if you have a great pitch, a solid business plan, and an exciting idea for your company’s future. Nigerian venture investors are often reached through networking events, pitch competitions, and word-of-mouth. If you match your startup with the right venture capitalist, you can open up new growth possibilities and take your company to the next level.


  • Much money is being put into helping the business multiply.
  • Get help and advice with planning.
  • Having access to a lot of networks and tools.


  • Loss of ownership and power.
  • High expectations for returns on investment.
  • Long and competitive process for getting funds.


  •  A new product or service that meets the needs of a big market.
  • Demonstrated traction, such as growing customer base or revenue.
  • Chance of getting a significant return on investment (ROI).

4. Fundraising through crowdfunding

In Nigeria, crowdfunding is a new and easy way to get the money you need to start your own business. Crowdfunding is when many people give money, usually through online sites, in exchange for rewards, ownership, or the chance to buy goods or services ahead of time. Using this method, you can get back to your business idea from many people.

Crowdfunding sites let you showcase your project, tell your story, and attract potential backers. You can also reach a large number of potential investors and buyers through social media, email marketing, and other methods. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for your business, test your business idea, and build a community around your brand.

Crowdfunding can help you raise the cash you need to reach your goals, whether launching a new product, growing your business, or starting a project to positively affect the world. If you want a flexible and open method of raising money for your company, crowdfunding could be the best option.


  • You can reach a lot of possible donors.
  • The market backs up the product or idea.
  • A chance to build a group of loyal backers.


  • Managing and planning a campaign takes a lot of time.
  • Fees that donation sites charge.
  • Chance that fundraising goals won’t be met and no money will be raised.


  • An attractive business idea or product that people will want to support.
  • It is an interesting crowdfunding effort with a clear value proposition.
  • Ability to reach and mobilise a network of supporters.

5. Grants and programmes from the government

Government handouts and programmes in Nigeria are another best financing option for startups. These programmes will help business owners and boost economic growth in several areas. If you want to start your own business, you can look into several grants, loans, and other benefits offered by the government.
To get your business idea off the ground, you can get money from the government through handouts you don’t have to pay back. Loan programmes offer low-interest loans to help your business grow and expand. In addition, some programmes support and mentor businesses like technology, agriculture, and renewable energy. 

best financing option for startup

To get government funds and programmes, research what’s available, ensure you meet the requirements, and send a robust application explaining your business plan and goals. Using these tools, you can circumvent money problems and speed up the success of your Nigerian startup.


  • funds that don’t need to be paid back to help a business grow.
  • Help for specific businesses and projects.
  • There will be no interest payments or loss of wealth.


  • Strict requirements for qualifying and the application process.
  • It’s hard to get funds because there are few of them.
  • Responsibility and the need to report.


  • Alignment with specific eligibility requirements set out by government organisations.
  • A proposed project or business plan that meets the goals of the programme.
  • Following through on application dates and requirements for submission.

6. Banks that offer microfinance

If you want to start a business in Nigeria and need money, microfinance institutions (MFIs) can help. They offer easy-to-use, custom-made financial services. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can get small loans, savings accounts, and other economic goods from these places. If you want to start your own business, you can get funds from MFIs without meeting strict requirements or putting up collateral like you would with a traditional bank.

Microfinance loans usually help you start or grow your business by paying for inventory, equipment, and operating capital. MFIs also often offer financial literacy training and help with business development to help you manage your money and make your business last.
To get microfinance loans, you’ll need to find reputable MFIs, make sure you meet the requirements, and get the paperwork you need, like a business plan and financial records. In Nigeria, you can get the money you need to make your business dreams come true by using the services of lending institutions.


  • Small businesses can quickly get financing choices.
  • Only a little collateral is needed.
  • Helpful services, like classes on how to handle money.


  • Interest rates that are higher than those at standard banks.
  • Loan amounts and terms for return are limited.
  • Predatory loans can happen in some situations.


  • Status as a micro, small, or medium-sized business (MSME).
  • Being able to show that you can pay back the loan.
  • Are you willing to participate in training and support programmes for financial literacy?

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To sum up, figuring out how startups in Nigeria can get money takes careful thought and strategic planning. Whether you’re looking for government funds, venture capitalists, or alternative sources like crowdfunding and microfinance institutions, there are many ways to get the money your business needs to grow. But to get the most attention for your business and find possible investors or partners, you must ensure it’s listed in a trustworthy online business listing.

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