Make Your Event Epic: 5 Best Event Planners in Nigeria

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Event planning is a vital part of putting on successful gatherings and events. Event planners are crucial for ensuring that every detail is taken care of at corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations. This makes the event a memorable one for everyone. In Nigeria, the number of companies and people offering event planning services has grown significantly in the past few years. But because there are so many options, choosing the best event planner for your needs can be challenging.

This article will tell you about some of the best event planners in Nigeria and give tips on choosing an event planner for your next event. The right event planner will make all the difference, whether planning a small, intimate party or a huge event.

The best 5 event planners in Nigeria are;

  • Zapphaire Events
  • Innate Arts and Media
  • Indigocrystal Concepts
  • Kyksie Drapes Events
  • IGI Events Pro

Why Should You Use an Event Planner?

Here are 5 reasons why you might want to use an event planner:

Expertise and experience

Event planners have the skills and knowledge to ensure your event goes well. They know how to handle all the logistics, like managing vendors, making a budget, and ensuring everything works together. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

Creativity and inspiration

Event planners bring new ideas and points of view to the table, which can help make your event truly unique and memorable. In addition, they have a network of vendors, such as florists, caterers, and performers, and can help create an event that fits your needs and tastes.

Planning without stress

Planning an event can be challenging and take a lot of time. With the help of an event planner, you can relax and enjoy planning, knowing that a professional is taking care of all the details.

Budget Management

Event planners are good at managing budgets. They can help you make a detailed budget, find vendors and negotiate with them, find the best deals, and make sure you stay within the budget you’ve set.

On-site coordination

On the day of the event, a planner will be there to deal with any problems that come up, such as bad weather, technical difficulties, or other issues. They will work behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly so you can enjoy the event without worrying about logistics. By hiring an event planner, you can relax and enjoy the event while a professional ensures everything runs smoothly and all the details are taken care of.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Planner for Your Event

Getting the right event planner is key to the success of your event. When making your choice, think about some things, such as the company’s experience and reputation, the services it offers, your budget, how well you can talk to the company, and how flexible it is.

Experience and reputation

An event planner with a history of putting on successful events is likely to help you put on a successful event. Learning about the event planner’s background, looking for reviews and feedback from past clients, and looking at past photos of events they’ve planned is essential. This will give you an idea of how knowledgeable and skilled the planner is.

Services offered

Different event planners offer different kinds of services. Some only plan and organize, while others help with the decorations, lighting, and entertainment. Make sure that the event planner you choose can give you the services you need for your event to succeed.


Planning an event can be expensive, so make sure the planner you choose can work within your budget. Think about the price of their services and the price of any extra services they may offer. Make sure to talk to the planner about your budget and ask for a breakdown of their fees.

Communication and flexibility

The success of an event depends on how well people can talk to each other. You need to be sure that the person planning the event will respond quickly and be easy to work with. Also, the event planner should be flexible and able to make changes as you plan.

Experience with your type of event

Different events require different skills, so look for an event planner with experience with the event you’re hosting. This can help ensure that the planner understands your event’s unique needs and challenges, increasing the chances that it will go well.

In the end, the most important thing to look for in an event planner is someone you can work with easily and trust to make your event a success. Then, as you research, you’ll be able to choose the planner who will be the best fit for your event, your needs, and your preferences.

The 5 Best Event Planners in Nigeria

If you’ve ever run an event yourself, you know how hard and time-consuming it can be. With all the stress and headaches, things can go wrong quickly if they are not handled well. Whether it’s a wedding reception, seminar, or networking event, a successful event needs to be carefully planned and carried out without a hitch. Because of this, the best way to handle everything is to hire a reputable event management company.

These groups have the skills, knowledge, and connections to help any event go well. Then, all you have to do is chill out and have fun at the party. We’ve compiled a list of Nigeria’s top 5 event planners to help you with your next event. Each of these companies has its way of managing events to ensure you and your guests have the best time. 

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Zapphaire Events: Best event planner in Lagos Nigeria

Visit Zapphaire Events to find the best and most unique event management company in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a full-service event planning company with a team of experts who can help you plan an event from start to finish that everyone will remember. Zapphaire Events’ team comprises people with different skills and backgrounds, such as project managers, event producers, graphic design experts, and social media managers. Zapphaire Events is a producer of events that have won awards. They combine elegance and style to make events and weddings feel personal, unique, and memorable.

About the company

  • Started: 2003
  • CEO: Mrs. Funke Bucknor-Obruthe
  • Standard Chartered, UBA Bank, CNN, Shell, Schlumberger, Stanbic IBTC, The Nigerian Stock Exchange, and OSUN State Government are some clients they have worked with.
  • Address: No. 371 Borno Way, off Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba 100001, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone: +234 805 219 9654
  • 4.6 rating from 22 google reviews

Innate Arts and Media – Best Event Planner in Abuja, Nigeria

Innate Arts and Media Ltd (IAM) is a professional event management company with more than ten years of experience. They work with both businesses and individuals. As a full-service event planner based in Abuja, the company puts on all kinds of events, such as weddings, birthday parties, banquets, and product launches. Its staff comprises young, energetic, and skilled professionals who pay close attention to every detail and offer excellent services. Innate Arts & Media has been a part of the event business for a long time. And now, it is one of the best places in Abuja, Nigeria, to plan events. 

About the company

  • Started in 2006
  • Mr.Tayo Olugbemi is their CEO
  • Kenya Airways, Ecobank, USAID, UNFPA, AirFrance, and UN Women are some clients they have worked with.
  • Address: 36 Suez Cres, Wuse 904101, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Phone: +234 803 678 8888
  • 5.0 rating from 11 google reviews

Indigocrystal – best event planner in Nigeria for businesses

Indigocrystal concept is an event management company started in 2013 and has offices in Lagos and Ibadan. They help with consulting, planning, and decorating for corporate and social events. The company has done a good job with many events all over the country. Indigocrystal Concept is one of Nigeria’s top five event planners and helps clients reach their goals by giving their events meaning and life.

About the company

  • Founded in 2013
  • Mrs. Temitope Victoria is the CEO
  • Address: 36 Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba 100001, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Phone: +234 706 059 0242
  • 4.8 rating from 62 google reviews

Kyksie Drapes Events and Interiors: Best Event Planner in Ibadan, Nigeria

Kyksie Drapes Events and Interiors has a lot of experience and can make your event the talk of the town before, during, and after it happens. Because each event is carefully planned by listening to and meeting clients’ needs. Also, Kyksie Drapes Events makes simple but stylish decorations for weddings, surprise parties, birthday parties, baby showers, and other events.

About the company

  • Founded in 2011
  • CEO Kike Idowu started the business.
  • Clients served: Methodist Girls High School, NSE: Nigerian Society of Engineers, Nigerian Bottling Company Limited, Solam Hotels and Event Center, Word Communication Ministries (WOCOM).
  • Address: Zion Plaza, opposite Teslim Folarin’s house, WCCI junction, Oluyole Est., Ibadan.
  • Phone: +234 706 585 72575
  • 5.0 rating from 5 google reviews

IGI Events Pro: Best Event Planner in Port Harcourt Nigeria

IGI Events Pro is a company that plans and runs events. It is in Port Harcourt, the heart of Nigeria’s treasure base. The company focuses on consulting, planning, putting on, coordinating, and training for events. IGI Events Pro makes excellent events for you and your guests by being professional, coming up with new ideas, and being the best at what they do.

This saves you and your guests time and money. In addition, IGI makes every event exciting. Their staff comprises young, passionate, creative, and active professionals who can come up with fresh ideas and new ways to do things that will impress your guests. They can also ensure that everything from entertainment to design and decor is done uniquely and excellently.

About the company

  • Started in 2017
  • Mrs. Ibifuro Gloria Irisominabo is the CEO
  • Address: Plot 4, Easy Avenue, Agip Estate, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Phone: +234 706 738 31944

In conclusion

When planning a successful event, it’s important to remember that the right event planner can make all the difference. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a social event, or a wedding, the right event planner will work with you to create an event that fits your needs and tastes.

Event planning is a key part of making events and gatherings in Nigeria go well. With the help of a reputable and experienced event planner, you can be sure that every detail will be taken care of and that your event will be one that everyone will remember. The best event planners in Nigeria, like Zapphaire Events, Innate Arts and Media, Indigocrystal Concepts, Kyksie Drapes Events and IGI Events Pro, have a track record of making events that are truly unique and memorable and that go above and beyond what clients expect.